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Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Prerequisite: CASAS Goals Reading test

The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program is an adult literacy program that provides instruction in basic reading, writing, and math. In order to take this class, students must take the CASAS Test and score from 0 to 238. The ABE Program serves learners with no literacy skills or limited literacy skills below 9th grade level. This includes English-speakers, ESL transition students, and concurrent high school students. ABE classes focus on the basic academic skills of reading, writing, critical thinking and problem solving and offer small-group, whole-group, and individual instruction. Once students score a 239 on the CASAS, they may move on to either High School Diploma or GED classes.  There is no cost for this class.

The morning ABE class is designed around the principles of Evidence-Based Reading Instruction. This class runs in 6 week blocks using “managed enrollment.” The requirements to enter the class are the same as above; however, there are strict guidelines to remain in the class since it only meets for 25 days. Students must attend an orientation and commit to attending the entire first week. No exceptions will be made. After that, students may miss a total of 15 hours. At the end of each 6 week block, students will take the CASAS test again. If students score a 239 and above, they will move on to GED or High School Diploma class. If students score below 239 they continue for another 6 weeks. Research shows that this type of model is highly beneficial for students trying to improve their reading achievement. If you want to improve your reading, this is the class for you.

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