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Career Technical Education » Computer


Information Technology

This division offers four career pathways:

Accounting / Bookkeeping Clerk
Computerized Office Clerk
Microsoft Office Proficient
IC3® Certification

Each career pathway consists of specific combinations of the 10 computer application classes that we offer—or you can take any of the classes individually:

Vocational Education (Computer) Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, and Fees

Fees are charged each trimester to cover the cost of registration and materials such as paper, toner, ink, etc. beyond normal classroom usage. Registration fees are non-refundable. Materials fees are non-refundable after 10 days of registration. Based on completion of coursework, you can earn elective high school credits. Certificates of completion are earned in Keyboarding/10-Key (minimum 45 n.w.p.m. and 240 k.s.p.m.) and after completion of any software program. Only one course can be taken at a time. Purchase of textbook is required for all classes except Keyboarding and 10-Key. Prices vary.

Schedules and Fees